Six Flags St. Louis Theme Park

The weather was cool with an overcast sky that threatened rain that didn't develop while I was there. Crowds were fairly light keeping most of the queues fairly short. Even so, since Mr. freeze was not yet open, nearly all the coaster riders were in the queue for Batman.

Batman The Ride

Batman The RideBatman The Ride
(1995) - B&M Inverted
The highly themed waiting area resembling part of Gotham city and winding queue area engages you while you're waiting and helped make the wait seem shorter. The corregated walls of the tunnels leading to the loading station enticed more than one kid waiting in line to bang on it ... kids will be kids I guess.

Batman The RideThey only had one train running and it took about an hour to get any seat. It was worth the wait. After the first drop there is a loop that leads to a twist followed by another loop. You then speed through a helix, a short turn and another twist. Another turn, another twist and then turn into the loading station.

While the front seat gives you a wonderful unobstructed view, the back seat provides more G forces as you're whipped through the elements.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze
Premier Rides Shuttle
I was greatly dissappointed that Mr. Freeze was not yet open when I visited. I spoke with a workman on the site and he said it would probably be open in a week. It looks like it will be a great ride. Launched by linear induction motors, riders are sent through a 190-foot tunnel, reaching speeds of 70 mph in 3.78 seconds and into a vertical climb, twisting upside down before falling back into a wraparound turn and then 218 feet straight up. If that's not enough, riders then experience the whole ride again ... only in reverse.


NinjaNinja (1989) - Vekoma Multi-Looper.
High speed spirals, a steep 110-foot drop, a clothoid loop, a sidewinder and a double cork screw is found on this 2-minute ride reaching speeds up to 60-mph.

There was virtually no line and I was able to ride several times in a short time. The front seat on this ride seems considerably slower than aft-seating, especially on the first small drop and into the loop. Sitting in the back seat helped the sensation of speed.

I thought the seats on this ride were fairly comfortable and I didn't experience too much headbanging, but rather more cheek banging. It was better when I kept my head high and not back against the headrest.

Screamin' Eagle

Screamin' Eagle (1976)
Located at the back of the park, this wooden John Allen racing coaster soars over a 110 feet tall 3/4 mile track and through drops of 92 feet and 87 feet. It took only 5 minutes to get a front seat on this fairly long coaster. There were lots of bumps and the speed was fairly fast.

Watch those lap bars. They are automatically lowered and if you're not prepared, they'll pop you in the stomach.

While they were not all that busy, the ride operators seemed overly concerned about keeping people moving in the queue. I would suggest they take more effort to stop all the line jumping which took place.

A recommended place to eat is Calicos where the chicken strips dinner with cole slaw, fries, biscuit and a drink is really good. - Thanks Patrick!

Roller Coasters added at Six Flags St. Louis since my visit in 1997:
The Boss (2000) Experience the classic thrills and excitement of one of the country’s top wooden coasters. Tallest and fastest coaster built by Custom Coasters International.
American Thunder, formerly Evel Knievel (2008) This $7 Million GCI wooden roller coaster, which is identical to the Thunderbird at PowerLand, features an 80-foot (24 m) drop with a top speed of 48 mph (77 km/h), going through a course of 2,700 feet (820 m) of track. This ride features 16 hills and multiple high banked turns at up to 67° angles. The layout crosses over and under itself seventeen times. This ride also features two 24-passenger Millennium Flyer trains for better cornering.
Boomerang (2013) is a steel boomerang roller coaster.

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The Holiday-Inn at Six Flags is located a short walk from the main gate of the Six Flags St. Louis amusement park.

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