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It seems like these days, everyplace you turn, somebody is capturing a video of the action. With video cameras now built in to cell phones, it's hard to imagine that just about anything hasn't been brought to the silver screen - er... LCD screen.

One web site that has exploded onto the web is with it's thousands of user uploaded video's for everyone to enjoy. It's been reported that gets over 65,000 video's submitted every day and is one of the top-10 most popular destinations on the Internet.

And, there are thousands of roller coaster videos uploaded by enthusiasts for you to enjoy. Everything from animated videos of roller coaster games to onboard videos of roller coasters around the world.

Here are just a few of my favorites for you to enjoy:

Theme Park Review has a section filled with great roller coaster videos for your download or streaming thrills. has some pretty good video and still photos of roller coasters and amusement parks.
Roller Coaster Photo and Video Gallery at

America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills: The Ultimate Scream Machines
Taking full advantage of the DVD format, this installment of the Roller Coaster Thrills series offers viewers a choice of two camera angles for each of the 20 rides captured on this disc. Anticipate the fear of that initial heart-stopping plunge with a first-person perspective, or face backward and watch the reactions of the riders--either way, it's a great ride. The virtual tour across U.S. theme parks includes old-fashioned woodies, dual-track looping coasters, and colossal steel mega-coasters with 300-foot drops. Many of the featured coasters were built in 1999 and show off the latest advances in roller coaster engineering; in fact, one launched coaster has apparently garnered interest from NASA engineers for the speed of its propulsion (0 to 60 mph in under 3 seconds). The disc is also packed with special features: amusement park histories, interviews with roller coaster designers, behind-the-scenes insights from director Ned Rodgers and director of photography Dave Cutler, plus Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound, and bonus footage of the first combination roller coaster and water ride. --Larisa Lomacky Moore

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