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Worlds of Fun - Kansas City, Missouri


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Super 8Super 8 Worlds of Fun
4321 North Corrington Avenue | Kansas City, MO
Located adjacent to Worlds of Fun and approximately seven miles from Kansas City Downtown Municipal Airport.

Top Gun - Paramount's Great America

Top GunTop Gun was the first inverted coaster I'd ridden and it was the coolest coaster I'd ridden. The sensation of the inverted configuration is like no other coaster experience. It was this coaster that solidified my fascination with roller coasters and really began my search for the ultimate coaster.

Other coasters worth mentioning at California's Great America, now owned by Cedar Fair, in Santa Clara, Calif. include the steel Loop-Screw Demon, the double out & back wood Grizzly, and the standup loop-screw Vortex, the suspended, inverted boomerang coaster Invertigo, the world’s first and only true flying coaster, Stealth.


Wild ThingLocated in , Shakopee, Minnesota, Valleyfair has six roller coasters including the Wild Thing, standing more than 200 feet tall.

A Couple More Coasters I've Ridden

Desert Storm - Castles 'N' Coasters, Phoenix Arizona 
This was my first roller coaster to ride after a many year hiatus and what re-ignited my passion for thrill rides.

Roller Coaster (1949), Joyland Amusment Park, Wichita, Kansas
Being a native of Wichita Kansas, this roller coaster was the one I cut my teeth on as a kid and rode many times up through young adulthood.  Sadly, the Roller Coaster and Joyland Amusement Park has since closed.

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