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The American Roller Coaster
Step right up to the magic of the great coasters as you travel through roller coaster history from its beginnings through today! Experience the early roots of coastering in the mid-1800s and the emergence of grand amusement parks in the 1880s. Flash back to the golden age of coasters between 1900 and 1930, and witness the thrill ride's historic decline in the 1960s. Ride these radical rails in chapters chronicling coaster designers, manufacturing companies, technology, and special coasters.

Roller Coaster: Wooden and Steel Coasters, Twisters and Corkscrews
From the Russian ice slides of the 17th century through the golden age of the 1920s, to Disney''s world dominance today, this book looks at the history of the roller coaster.

Kennywood...Roller Coaster Capital of the World
Kennywood...Roller Coaster Capital of the World

Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines
by Robert Coker
Modern Roller coasters are continously smashing velocity and height records, bringing extreme highs to thrill seekers everywhere. With adrenaline-packed text and lavish photography, Roller Coasters: A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the Ultimate Scream Machines leads you through the twists and turns of the world's most extraordinary rides.

The Beast
by R. L. Stine
The author of the sensational, bestselling Fear Street series--for readers ages 11 and up--now offers an adventure-filled tale of tailor-made terror for the 8-12 audience. James and his cousin Ashley are transported back in time, after a midnight ride on The Beast, the legendary roller coaster at Paramount Park's King's Island.

The Beast 2
by R. L. Stine
Climbing on an exciting new amusement park ride, Ashley longs for just one more ride, but when her car returns, Ashley has disappeared, and her closest friend must also get on The Beast in order to rescue her.

Roller Coaster Lover's CampanionThe Roller Coaster Lover's Companion:
A Thrill Seeker's Guide to the World's Best Coasters

by Steven J. Urbanowicz
For those who want to get the most when they coast, here is one of the first totally comprehensive "where to find them" volumes celebrating the world's best thrill rides. The book also includes detailed itineraries for readers to create sensational vacations covering the best parks and the best coasters. Photos & illustrations.

The Amusement Park GuideThe Amusement Park Guide : Coast to Coast Thrills (3rd Ed)
by Tim O'Brien
Each year more people in the United States go to amusement parks than to baseball games. Some 250 million people will visit an amusement park this summer. With carefully researched data assembled by one of the country's top amusement park experts, this revised guide features all the information anyone could want to know about one of America's favorite pastimes. 25 illustrations.

Legends of TerrorHarry G. Traver Legends of Terror (Roller Coaster Designers Series : Vol 1)
by Richard W. Munch
Filled with truly amazing photos and quite a bit of research about one of the most-talked-about coaster designers in history.

Roller Coaster
by Marla Frazee
All sorts of people ride roller coasters, people over a certain height that is. Marla Frazee zooms in on one pony-tailed girl who has never experienced a roller coaster before, ever, in this start-to-finish ride. The anticipation builds much like it does in real-life: "S-l-o-w-l-y the train is pulled up the hill by a chain. Clickity, clackity. Clickity, clackity. Up. Up. Up. And then..." As the train zips and zooms and dips and dives, the pony-tailed girl in the very front seat loves every minute, or almost. In the end, "Most of these people are dizzy./ Some of them have wobbly knees./ But at least one of them is planning/ to ride the roller coaster again." Frazee's crisply detailed watercolor drawings of waiting people, happy people, terrified people, and dizzy people are fun to peruse. Youngsters who are Disneyland-bound (or who would just like to be) may be the best audience for this minute-by-minute replay of a roller-coaster ride. (Ages 4 to 7) --Karin Snelson

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